Workshops offered on a Sliding Scale

Please read the general guidelines below to see which level best describes your situation for the workshop you want to attend. The sliding scale for a 3-hour workshop ranges between $30 and $60; the sliding scale for a 2-hour workshop ranges between $20-$40.

The highest cost

This cost reflects the true cost of each workshop. People who fall into this category have financial security, own property, or have savings. If you can provide for your needs and wants without stressing about lacking money to pay for food, shelter, childcare, housing, and you do not live paycheck to paycheck. If this description sounds like you, this is the price for you.

Cost: $60; $40

The middle cost

This category is for people who do not find themselves to fit in either the Highest Cost or Bottom Cost category. People who fall in this category sometimes struggle to provide for their needs and may live occasionally from paycheck to paycheck.

Cost: $45; $30

The bottom cost

If you struggle to meet basic needs such as access to health care, food, housing, childcare and are living paycheck to paycheck this level is for you.

Cost: $30; $20

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The sliding scale descriptions above were inspired by the work of Worts & Cunning Apothecary,  Our Woodlands and Herbalista.