About Me

Marie-Lies Van Asten

She was born and raised in Belgium and has lived in the US for the past 20 years. She is an herbalist, hydrosol artisan distiller, and flower essence practitioner as well as a mother of two extremely busy young boys. She loves sharing her passion for plants with her community through plant walks, distillations, herbal intakes, and teaching.

Over the last three years, Marie-Lies has worked with pregnant and nursing moms by offering them herbal remedies to support their journey into motherhood. The remedies have included nourishing teas & tinctures, creams, salves, flower essences and hydrosols. Herbs were such a big part of helping her transition into motherhood that she wants to provide that same kind of support for new moms.

She has studied with a variety of teachers including; Rosemary Gladstar, Lorna Mauney-Brodek, Patricia Kyritsi-Howell, Cathy Skipper, Leslie Williams, Brooke Sullivan among many others.

She was the manager of the Herbalista Atlanta Projects for 4 years. During that time she wore many hats; she coordinated the Plant Rambles, the monthly Health Fairs as well as the monthly Herb Cart clinic and HerbCare station pop-ups. She trained apprentices in the apothecary and was the lead clinician during our monthly Herb Cart clinics.

Teaching and sharing knowledge has always been one of her passions in life; this last few years she has taught medicine making and hydrosol distillation workshops in Atlanta as well as at different Primitive Skills Gatherings within the Southeast.

Herbs are an incredible addition to skincare products. She focuses on using local plants that she forages around the city and in her backyard to be included in the face creams and hydrosols she makes and distills. Her most current interest has been to distill the plants in her surroundings and use the hydrosols to make a variety of herbal preparations and skin care preparations.

To book an herbal consultation with Marie-Lies, go here.