What: Plant Ramble

When: March 19th 2023, 10AM-12PM

Location: TBA

Cost: The rambles are by donation, with a suggested donation of $20. All the funds will go to support the Fleur + Forage Free Clinic. To register, click here. Please write “Plant Ramble” in the “Reason for Donation” box.

Join me as we explore the plants and trees that grow in the parks around Atlanta. We will cover some basic botany as well as medicinal and food uses for the plants we encounter. You can support the clinic monthly on Patreon and attend the Plant Rambles (and bring a friend) as part of you membership.

When: March 20th, 2023 from 4PM-7PM

Location: The Learning Garden in Summerhill

Cost: $30

Learn how to distill hydrosols and essential oils using a copper still.  The hydrosol is the water portion of a distillation. The hydrosol and essential oil distilled will be a representation of what is growing in Atlanta at the turning of the season. Each seasonal blend is unique which makes them extra special.

The money raised will go to support the the Fleur + Forage Free Clinic; 10% of the proceeds will be donated to @grow_a_row .

You can support the clinic monthly on Patreon and attend the seasonal distillations as part of you membership.

What: Community Medicine Making-Teas

When: April 1st, 2023 from 10AM-12PM

Location: Fleur + Forage Herbal Studio

Cost: $20 donation that will go towards purchasing the herbs and supplies to make the remedies. Any leftover money will be donated to the Fleur + Forage Free Clinic. To register visit. Please write “Medicine Making” in the “Reason for Donation” box.

The class limit is 15 people.

The Community Medicine Making Workshops take place four times a year. Each workshop will focus on a different herbal preparation skill: teas, tinctures, salves and fire cider. The herbal preparations  we prepare in class will be used for the Fleur + Forage Free Clinic. On April 1st, we will make teas.



What: Distillation Intensive Weekend

When: May 5th-7th, 2023

Location: Fleur + Forage Herbal Studio

Cost: $250, plus $20 for supplies


During the distillation intensive you will learn how to run a distillation with an Alquitar and Column copper stills and how to use hydrosols and essential oils in different skin and herbal preparations.  We will run a total of three different distillations over the weekend; using both fresh and dried plants so we can experience how different (and similar) they are. To learn more go here.


Past Events:


Community Medicine Making: January 8th

Herbal Self-Care Workshop: February 6th


Herb Cart Training with Herbalista: February 25th-27th 2022

Spring Plant Ramble at Brownwood Park: March 19th 2022

Spring Equinox Distillation: March 20th 2022

Community Medicine Making: April 16th 2022

Distillation Intensive Weekend May 21st and 22nd 2022

Plant Ramble at Legacy Park: June 4th 2022

Summer Solstice Distillation June 21st 2022

Community Medicine Making: July 10th 2022

Herbal First Aid for Camp-outs and Mutual Aid with Grassroots Apothecary: August 21st 2022

Fall Equinox Distillation: September 22nd 2022

Plant Walk at the Kirkwood Forest: September 24th 2022

Community Medicine Making: October 1st 2022

Plant Walk for kids at Brownwood Park: October 2nd 2022

Herb Cart Training: October 21st-23rd 2022

Community Medicine Making: November 13th 2022

Plant Ramble: December 3rd 2022

Winter Solstice Distillation: December 21st 2022