Distillation Intensive

Edit: I had a great time teaching this weekend workshop. I will teach again the Spring of 2023. In the meantime, I will host seasonal hydrosol distillation classes.


When: May 21st and 22nd 2022 from 10AM-5PM
Location: TBA
Cost: $300  plus a material fee $20
Limited Space: 8 students

During the distillation intensive you will learn how to run a distillation with a copper still (from harvesting the plants to the finished product) and how to use hydrosols in different skin and medicine making preparations.
We will run a total of three distillations over the weekend; one of only dried plants, one with a single fresh non-aromatic plant, and one with fresh aromatic plants. The students will help harvest and process the fresh plant materials and set-up the stills. With the finished hydrosols and essential oils we will make a face cream, a flower essence and set-up a tincture. The students will take home a 15mL spritzer of each hydrosols, a 2oz jar of face cream, and a 5mL bottle of flower essence.

Tentative class breakdown, subject to change:

*Harvesting and processing of fresh plant material for Saturday and Sunday’s distillations
*Distillation of dried plants and non-aromatic fresh plant (in 2 different stills)
*Clean-up and set-up for Sunday

*Review from Saturday
*Distillation of soaked fresh plants
*Skin and medicine making preparations with hydrosols and essential oils made in class

You can sign up for the course on the Events page.