Free Clinic set-up on February 29th, 2024

The Fleur + Forage Free Clinic is becoming its own 501c3 this year (excited!), hopefully by this summer, so we are currently unable to receive donations via online platforms or checks.

The  money we have raised so far will stay in the  Sassafras Grove, a local 501c3 created by myself and Sue McCoy, bank account until the Fleur + Forage Free Clinic 501c3 is approved by the IRS. I will keep you updated.

You can also support the Fleur + Forage Free Clinic on Patreon.

Your donations help us get the supplies and herbs we need to provide herbal medicine to people who experience homelessness. I will be serving the folks at Mercy Community Clinic starting on March 31st 2022 and every last Thursday of the month until the rest of the year. Read about our first clinic here.


MOJO Health Launch party on March 23rd, 2024