Atlanta Foraging Calendar

Atlanta Plant Harvest Calendar

This worksheet was made together with Herbalista

The plants listed are edible and/ or medicinals available around the Atlanta region. Many of these are considered “weedy” or “invasive”, which basically means they’re plentiful!

Never ingest anything you have not positively identified!  For practice with proper plant identification, go on a guided plant ramble or use a field guide such as, Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants by “Wildman ” Steve Brill, or Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide.  Two of the most poisonous plants in Georgia are Water Hemlock and Poison Hemlock.  Poison Hemlock can be confused with wild carrot, also known as Queen Anne’s Lace.  For a special focus on this, please see this well written note by herbalist Howie Brounstein: Harvesting Umbelliferaes.  And here is another link to a comparison with excellent pictures by Gabe Garms.

Wildcrafting is Stewardship!  We care deeply about the health of our planet and the plants, so please, only gather from clean and abundant sources! If you are not familiar with “ethical wildcrafting,” please spend the time to read this information made available by Howie Brounstein here.  Do not pick protected, in danger, or at-risk plants.  To learn more about this, please visit the United Plant Savers Species At-Risk Page.

Check out the Atlanta Harvest Calendar.